Russian Studies & Russian Language programs are designed for various target groups such as students and individuals with any type of academic background who would like to study Russian as a foreign language, learn more about Russia, or to take a short-term training for personal or professional development.

Our flexible programs make it possible to combine and choose any modules, which meet individual requirements, duration periods, start dates and the language of instruction (English or Russian).

Create the program that meets your goals best!

  • Choose the program or combine several programs
  • Choose when to start the program
  • Choose for how long to study
  • Choose the language of study: English or Russian
  • Add extra courses and earn extra ECTS


Our students are taught how to use Russian language in a wide variety of academic contexts and in everyday life.

Level Available start dates in 2016 Available duration
Beginner (A0) February 08, June 06, June 27, August 01, September 5, September 12 2 weeks through
1 year
Elementary (A1)
Low-intermediate (A2)
Intermediate (B1)
Upper-intermediate (B2)
You can start on ANY WEEK of the year except for:

  • January
  • May (for the individuals)
  • the 1-st week of June- the last week of July
  • December (for the individuals).

Group requests are accepted at any time.

Advanced (C1) Terms of participation should be discussed with the Program Coordinator

After taking a Russian language course our students are offered to pass TORFL exam and get 1st and 2nd  level Certificate upon successful completion.

2. Russian Language for Professional Activity

2.1.Russian Language for Business Communication

This intensive program is designed for those who would like to feel confident using Russian language in professional life and understand how Russian business works.

Program dates:  2-nd week of September – mid October (in Fall semester), 2-nd week of February – mid March (in Spring semester). Duration – 6 weeks.

Additional courses available: Business Communication: Russian Context (in English) and a range of elective courses in Russian Studies (in English or in Russian)

Special seasonal offer: Summer School of Russian Studies, module “Speak as a Professional: Russian Language for Business Communication” (session 1: 4-24 July 2016, session 2: 8-28 August 2016).

2.2.Russian Language for Interpreters

The aim of education is to train professional interpreters. These students have to be able to execute translation activities, participate in meetings, presentations, negotiations with foreign partners, exchange messages and work with professional literature in the Russian language.

Duration of the program: 2,5 years (5 terms).

Start date: 1 September and 10 February

Language of teaching: Russian

3. Russian Studies (courses in English)

We offer a wide range of elective courses in the field of Russian Studies for those who would like to learn more about Russia, gain unique international experience and form your own understanding of Russian culture and mentality.

Courses available:
  • Core program, elective courses (students can choose up to 3 courses each semester): History of the Russian Art, Russian History from Kievan Rus to the Revolution, Contemporary History of Russia: the Communist Phase, 19TH Century Russian Literature, Political  Science : Contemporary Russian Life, Contemporary Russian Literature
  • Additional courses (can be combined with the core program or taken independently): Business Communication: Russian Context, Management & Marketing: Russian Сontext, International Economic Relations: Russian Сontext

4. Russian Studies (courses in Russian)

The students are offered to take a number of elective courses in the field of Russian Studies conducted and feel a part of the Russian-speaking environment.

Courses available for the students with the level not lower than A1: History of Russia, Geography of Russia, Russian Literature, Russian Civilization. Session 1: November – mid May, session2: February – mid June.

Courses available for the students with the level not lower than B2: Philosophy, History of Russia, Social Science, Economics, Cultural Studies, Intercultural Communication.  Session 1: September – mid December, session2: February – end of May.

The courses can be combined with the Russian language study or taken independently.

5. Further education courses for overseas Philology teachers

The program is designed for Philology teachers both who have practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language and those ones who don`t have. You will be able to use acquired knowledge of varied teaching methods and skills to teach the Russian language. The program gives insights into majors teaching courses and methods, and speech difficulties in different regions.

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International Polytechnic Summer and Winter School offers invaluable insights into a wide range of courses in engineering, physics, life science, IT and business, as well as Russian language and culture.

The university runs more than 25 high-quality academic credit-bearing summer and winter school modules in English for international students.

Every summer we host about 500 students who come to us from more than 100 overseas countries. Our English-speaking tutors take care of our guests starting from the airport throughout the whole staying at SPbPU campus.

Here, you can explore outstanding studies with star professors from over the globe and a huge campus, which is 15 minutes far from the city center by metro, take part in our cultural program and get fun and remarkable experience in our fabulous city!

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Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University welcomes students from all over the globe to participate in semester exchange programs in English.  You will gain a number of attractive benefits such as: valuable international experience and cross-cultural communication, knowledge and practical skills development, foreign language practice boost.

Exchange programs are integrated in educational process, developed according to the European requirements and can be recognized abroad.

Программы обмена интегрированы в образовательный процесс, разработаны в соответствии с Европейскими стандартами и могут быть признаны за рубежом.

        • Requirements: good command of English
        • Credits: 30 ECTS per semester
        • Application Deadline:15th May for Autumn semester / 15th October for Spring Semester
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SPbPU provides an opportunity to go through an internship, which is an effective way to connect your academic experience with the professional work arena. It allows you to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provides the opportunity for skill development, and gives you a competitive edge in the job search. Your internship will be filled with cool experiences and learning opportunities.

Internships are offered in the fall and spring semesters, and in summer time as well
Future interns must be currently enrolled in a degree program at the time of application

In providing tailor-made programs we partner with our clients. Programs are normally designed to address priority development issues of our clients. Often they include multidisciplinary input also from line management, blended learning and action learning through strategically important projects.