Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is one of the leading technical universities in Russia.

The University functions within the structure of the Ministry of Education and Science and enjoys academic autonomy, which means that all principal decisions regarding the University operations are made by an Academic Council. This body is responsible for defining basic directions of educational processes and research; it also approves the University budget and makes important administrative decisions. The Chairman of the Academic Council is the Rector of the University.

The University consists of 11 institutes and more than 100 departments. A total of 26,000 students study at the University, about 4,500 of whom are international students. The University includes 43 research and educational centers. Among the partners of the University are 250 other universities and 87 partner companies in 47 countries.

The University campus is conveniently located and is easily accessible by public transport. It also includes the Museum of University history, the Fundamental Library, the center of cultural programs, medical center, sport and recreation complex, student dormitories and a hotel.

The Fundamental Library of the Polytechnic University is one of the largest scientific and technological libraries in Russia, and rates among the three best libraries in St. Petersburg. The library possesses a collection of more than 2,600,000 volumes. The Library information services are developed and supported by the Open Library Systems Center. The Fundamental Library is open to welcome foreign students and for launching mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University offers specialist training in 52 BSc fields of study, 46 MSc fields of study and 25 PhD fields of study. The total number of international programs is 100, including 3 Bachelor degree programs, 21 Master’s degree programs and 22 double degree programs.

Duration of studies depends on the program. Generally, it takes 4 years to complete a Bachelor Degree, 2 years to complete a Master’s Degree and 4 years for a PhD.


Structural Units
  • 11 institutes
  • more than 100 departments
  • 43 research and educational centers
  • Joint Institute of Science and Technology
  • Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Institute of International Educational Programs
  • ‘Polytechnichesky’Research and Technology Park
  • Natural Science Lyceum
  • University Polytechnic College
  • Nuclear Energy Institute in Sosnovy Bor
  • Centers for Continuing Education and Professional Development
Infratructural Units
  • Fundamental Library
  • Exhibition Complex
  • Publishing House
  • Sport and Recreation Complex: stadium, gymnastic halls, tennis courts, swimming pool
  • Dormitories for 7,000 students
  • Northern and Southern Vacation Camps
  • Students’ Club
  • Medical Complex
  • Scientists’ Club in Lesnoy
  • Catering Complex